Can’t get enough runDisney?  Are you an avid user of social media?
Find and connect with other runDisney fans.

We created this site because we are HUGE Disney fans.  In our first months as newlyweds, we stumbled upon the ‘runDisney cult’.  We attended Wine & Dine Half weekend in 2012 to run the 5K, and we were hooked.  Once you have experienced a runDisney event, you will never forget it.  And you will find yourself eagerly anticipating your next one.

Fortunately, you are not alone.  There are hundreds, nay thousands of other super fans just like you.  Our experience has been greatly enhanced by meeting other amazing Disney runners, in person at meetups, and also online.  That is why we created this site.  To help others connect like we did.

This is designed mainly for those that are new to the runDisney experience. But we hope that even if you have run many Disney races, you will find something here as well.

Don’t be intimidated if you are not a ‘fast’ runner or have never raced before.  You will find runners of all ages, experience, and skill levels.  RunDisney events have something for everyone.

Check out the runDisney-focused blogs, facebook pages, tweets, pins, instagrams, youtube vids, podcasts, and more right here!

Thanks for joining us!
-Walt & Monica

Please send any comments and suggestions to:  disneyrunnersnetwork@gmail.com

This site is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company, runDisney, ESPN, or any of its subsidiaries.  This is strictly a fan site to connect other fans of runDisney events.


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